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Willkommen auf unserer Homepage --- Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Cup Gewinner
16.08: CrSk - 4:7
09.08: LotA - 5:6
02.08: b4m - 9:3
03.03: Sol - 4:0
17.02: RD - 0:4
Germany 21.09: Neue Hompage
Germany 23.04: StarCraft II
Germany 02.11: DraF X-mas..
Germany 18.06: wc3cl
Germany 04.06: Alex' B-Day !!!!!

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Date: 09.08.2009
Game / Squad: Warcraft 3 Bnet
Opponent: LotA /
League: Wc3cl-War [Matchlink]
Maps: Melting Valley - Biborcom vs Changer, Turtle Rock - Grey_Phoenix vs Noobrubber, Twisted Meadows - Lute vs Dissmaster , Goldshire - Grey_Phoenix & slyfer vs Noobrubber & LotA]masU , Avalanche - Biborcom & Lute vs Changer & Dissmaster
Melting Valley - Biborcom vs Changer 1 : 2
Turtle Rock - Grey_Phoenix vs Noobrubber 2 : 0
Twisted Meadows - Lute vs Dissmaster 0 : 2
Goldshire - Grey_Phoenix & slyfer vs Noobrubber & LotA]masU 2 : 0
Avalanche - Biborcom & Lute vs Changer & Dissmaster 0 : 2
Clan DraF Team:
LotA Team: The Untouchable Gamers - LotA
Screenshots: no Screenshots available


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