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Willkommen auf unserer Homepage --- Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Cup Gewinner
16.08: CrSk - 4:7
09.08: LotA - 5:6
02.08: b4m - 9:3
03.03: Sol - 4:0
17.02: RD - 0:4
Germany 21.09: Neue Hompage
Germany 23.04: StarCraft II
Germany 02.11: DraF X-mas..
Germany 18.06: wc3cl
Germany 04.06: Alex' B-Day !!!!!


Date: 17.06.2007
Game: Wc3
Clan1: Germany Dragon Force
Clan2: Netherlands Troublesome Chibi Bak
League: Wc3cl
Player: Dairyman, River, Flint, Blade
Maps: TR, TS, TM, PI
Downloads: 18
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#7 by Anna 22.01.2015 - 10:51
  email homepage IP: saved quote

Marketing opportunity ligths for northeast dairy farmers are going off here! At the same time that Mayor Bloomberg announced his Big Soda ban, he also proposed a buy local plan for NYC to encourage the support of farms Upstate to promote NYC food security. Keep in mind that the NYC school system is one of the largest feeding organizations in the entire country. If we were able to reinvigorate pride in NY dairy products within NYC and up fluid milk drinking, healthy dairy products and pride in NY milk, we'd really achieve something. The Herkimer County Dairy Princess is headed to NYC this weekend for an event in Central Park. I think we will see more and more of this in the future. The NYC consumers I have met are seeking information from farmers and welcome chances to talk with us. We need to challenge ourselves and our professional marketing people big time on how we can better represent our regions and show our faces. If you can't make it out personally, use the internet comment on food and environmental blogs, use social media. Question our marketing people and our coops on what they are doing on this front and what they propose to do. We need to spend as much time talking about marketing as we do about how to make more milk.

#6 by AleX_1988 Clanmember 19.06.2007 - 16:35
  Germany email homepage offline quote

Danke für den Bug. Hab ihn gefixed, dürfte jetzt gehen.

#5 by 19.06.2007 - 14:59
  not available offline quote

ich kann es mir irgendwie nicht runterladen ....wenn ich auf download now klick kommt bei mir einfach ein weißes bild müde

#4 by AleX_1988 Clanmember 18.06.2007 - 23:15
  Germany email homepage offline quote

@ athena thx für bugmeldung Zwinker
@ Flint gemacht bei den war details
PS: dateien stehen jetzt hier zum download bereit

#3 by ud.n4p Clanmember 18.06.2007 - 21:21
  Japan email homepage offline quote

er heißt immer noch Dairyman zunge raus

#2 by 18.06.2007 - 13:56
  not available offline quote

fänds gut wenn man sehen könnte wer wie gespielt hat also ne news mit 5 zeilen mehr ^^

#1 by AleX_1988 Clanmember 18.06.2007 - 09:38
  Germany email homepage offline quote

Der Clan War war unter den Kontrahenten sehr balanced was dazu führte dass es sehr spannend war. Ein wirklich guter CW

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