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XD hust sry alex^^

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#6 by Aleyna 22.01.2015 - 23:49
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To: To all of you who are wondering why he noted riacal background.. , quick question: What does of African descent mean? Black? Arabic? Brian should be more specific if he's trying to get help identifying his attacker. Just saying Asian, for example doesn't mean anything either.FYI, being African descent is not an ethnicity in and of itself, as you can be Egyptian, which implies that you could easily look like you're from the Middle East. If the guy was black, one not state black? Stating African descent is very vague. And very racist too, if I might add. If the person was white, blond and blue eyey, he wouldn't have stated Scandininavian or European. I think that is the point we're all trying to make here.

#5 by Oscar 22.01.2015 - 10:11
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Black, white, pink, purple Doesn't maettr whom mugged you they could still potentially hurt you. I think the people whom sit here and say they would pee there pants when/if a black man (black people can be french men too duh!) have ever talked to anyone or been around people of color. How about sitting down with a different race and having a normal conversation. Just because your Caucasian, Asian etc doesn't mean every other race is below you. Anyway I'm over it Bryan your the best. I'm sorry that you were robbed but that was kinda of F***ed up that you mention that the person was of African decent. That kind of gives people of African decent a bad name. Glad you weren't hurt. Keep it Fierce and Fabulous!

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#3 by UN(D.tot Clanmember 06.08.2008 - 16:26
  Germany email homepage offline quote

tze tze ^^ alex is böse^^

#2 by stuckov 06.08.2008 - 01:24
  Germany email homepage offline quote

alex, hast du das so verzehrt? amüsiert rofl

ich habs gespeichert !!

#1 by stuckov 05.08.2008 - 14:41
  Germany email homepage offline quote

lol amüsiert

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